Angels Yell Roll Tide

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Please allow 2 weeks for shipping & processing.

“Angels Yell Roll Tide” was written by Darla Hall and illustrated by Elizabeth Lybrook.

This book is a heartfelt story about two boys who loved Alabama football and one boy who loved another team. To these boys, football was more than a game. It was inspiration for them to live another day. It was living every day to the fullest in their own personal battles, much like players battle to win on the field. Many times we get overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Take a few minutes to read this book and let this story change your life. These three boys and many other children like them have changed my life for the better, and I am so thankful that I was a part of their journey.

This book is dedicated to Hunter Alexander & family, Ryan Kitchens & family, and Thomas Sullivan & family. It is also dedicated to ALL children who have childhood cancer or other illness. May we all find it in our hearts to help put smiles on their faces.

Thank you for your support of this storybook and the team activity books. Your purchase makes a difference in the lives of these children.

50% of the profits from this storybook go to the following organizations:


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Angels Yell Roll Tide is featured on Birmingham's ABC 33/40